Would You Like To Close 3-5 Times More Sales?

Just recently learned two new things to consider when talking to anyone buy prospects in particular. First, as humans, we’ve developed filters to help us avoid things that have the potential to harm us and second we’ve developed a fear of sales people. You sit down with a salesman and your first thought is this guy wants my money and hasn’t a clue about what I really need.

The key to closing the sale begins with the capability of the salesman to lower the anti-sales filter.  Lowering the filter begins by getting the customer to talk about their requirements. Starting the conversation with a sales pitch that concentrates on telling your prospective customer all about you and the product of the day is an instant show stopper. I hate to burst your bubble but the person in front of you doesn’t give a real hoot about you, your company or your products. All they’re interested in is how are they going to solve the problem you don’t know exists.

To avoid this dump your presentation at the door and start asking questions. Ask the questions that lead your prospect to reveal their pain and the effects of either making it go away. Building repore on a visceral level connects you to the prospect, and understanding of the problem and a connection to the solution.

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