Need a Competitive Advantage Fast? Try Speed

There has been a tremendous growth in the number of companies adopting business improvement programs such as process reengineering, 6 Sigma, lean manufacturing, the Baldrige Criteria for   Performance Excellence and, CMM/CMI as well as other Clock 2total quality management programs. This would lead one to believe that there maybe a broad understanding that there needs to be an effective way to institutionalize change management in order to cope with competitive pressures and the demands of a dynamic marketplace.

Quality is not a competitive advantage but the absence of quality is a competitive disadvantage. Today quality, of both products and services, is the price of admission. We’ve been through the quality revolution and if you don’t have it by now you’re probably not going to get it.

Of all the quality related options available to gain a competitive advantage, the one worth the company’s valuable time and attention is speed. As a business strategy that means, redirecting thought, energy, resources and attention from cost to time. Time-based strategies provide a greater variety of products and services at lower costs and in less time. In addition, properly implemented, time-based strategies produce rapid and real results.

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