Do You Have A Credibility Gap?

What is a credibility gap? A credibility gap occurs when your words and actions aren’t in line with one another.  You words aren’t always needed to create the gap, your tacit approval or acceptance to standards or requirements will do just as well. When you have a credibility gap at your workplace, it is damaging […]

3 Ways To Ruin A Meeting

Every year billions of dollars are wasted in non-productive meetings. Everything from the wrong people being invited, attendees not attending, people are interrupting the meeting by coming in late with their own agendas and the list could go on and on. Eliminating three basic causes will go a long way in reducing the number of […]

Why Too Many Merger and Acquisition Efforts Fail

Those who advocate mergers will argue that they’ll cut costs or boost revenues beyond that needed to justify a price premium. It makes since doesn’t it: reduce redundant systems, take advantage of economies of scale, put a larger sales force on the streets and eliminate redundant or over-abundant job functions. The resulting whole has to […]