3 Tests To Determine Core Competence

Businesses must have something that customers value and is uniquely theirs. Businesses with nothing unique to distinguish them from their competition are doomed to competing on price and as others enter the market and attempt to do the same thing, profit margins become thinner and thinner. If you offer something unique, potential customers can separate […]

Business Model Assessment

Every business model has a product and/or service that focus on a customer. Provided below are questions you can ask yourself to assess your business model. Is your model scalable? How scalable? Is it easy it is to expand the model without equally increasing its cost base? With only a handful of engineers Facebook created […]

Start Outlining Your Proposal Without An RFP

Even without an RFI you can outline your proposal and begin the proposal process. In fact, the earlier you start the better off you’ll be when the RFP is released. While your less aggressive competitors are struggling to understand the requirements you’re correcting any discrepancies that may exist between what you anticipated being required and […]

Would You Like To Close 3-5 Times More Sales?

Just recently learned two new things to consider when talking to anyone buy prospects in particular. First, as humans, we’ve developed filters to help us avoid things that have the potential to harm us and second we’ve developed a fear of sales people. You sit down with a salesman and your first thought is this […]

Strategy and Execution – The Rock and the Hard Place

The life of the business depends on your ability to formulate and execute good strategy. The ability to do  this demands you not only have good strategy and good execution but you must also defeat or counter the  strategy and execution abilities of your competitors. If this wasn’t enough you must do it in a […]

Unconventional Marketing – 4 Tips To Help You Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

Economists say there’s an alternative to everything. Everyone you compete against represents an alternative to your product or your service and everyone wants the same thing, the buyer’s dollar. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch so get used to it; competition is here to stay. You’re always going to have to be […]

3 Tried and True Ways To Survive The Recession

Winners are ALWAYS looking for ways to grow their business.  Winners realize that even during a financial crunch you move forward or loose ground. They know an economic downturn offers advantages that aren’t available during better economic times and they make the most out of it. A good friend once told me that an entrepreneur […]

Why Too Many Merger and Acquisition Efforts Fail

Those who advocate mergers will argue that they’ll cut costs or boost revenues beyond that needed to justify a price premium. It makes since doesn’t it: reduce redundant systems, take advantage of economies of scale, put a larger sales force on the streets and eliminate redundant or over-abundant job functions. The resulting whole has to […]

Need a Competitive Advantage Fast? Try Speed

There has been a tremendous growth in the number of companies adopting business improvement programs such as process reengineering, 6 Sigma, lean manufacturing, the Baldrige Criteria for   Performance Excellence and, CMM/CMI as well as other total quality management programs. This would lead one to believe that there maybe a broad understanding that there needs to […]

The New Competitive Landscape and 3 Keys for Survival

Nobody likes to be out gunned but in an economic downturn business that was once too small for the big guys will become “A” level targets. You competitive landscape will change.  If you’ve ever felt like David sent out to face Goliath you know what I’m talking about.  Big business now wants your business. I’ve […]